Left and Right


The left believes that society is better off when a government has a greater role, guaranteeing rights and promoting equality among all.

It defends that there must be an adequate tax payment system, where everyone must pay a specific amount of everything they earn.

In the case of health and education, the left believes that the government should play a greater role, providing care facilities and a free and accessible educational system for all.

It is represented in the second and third quadrant of the political spectrum.


Right-wing people believe that society progresses when individual rights and civil liberties take priority, and government power is minimized.

They believe that there should be less tax payments for people who produce more, as this could contribute to the well-being of society.In terms of health right thinks that these should be provided by private entities.

It is represented in the first and fourth quadrant of the political spectrum.

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You can search for more detailed information at:

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  1. Mariana 23 de May de 2021 / 14:48

    We undoubtedly have an explanation here about the two major political groups. Share with many people possible to teach them what it is.

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