Liberalism is a political and social theory that fundamentally emphasizes the individual values ​​of freedom and equality. For liberals, every individual has innate human rights. The government has a duty to respect such rights and must act primarily to resolve disputes when the interests of individuals clash. According to liberal political philosophy, society and government must protect and promote individual freedom, instead of imposing constraints; plurality and diversity must be encouraged and society must be equal and fair in the distribution of opportunities and resources. Liberalism is, therefore, an individualistic theory, as it understands that the individual has priority over the collective.

It is represented in the third and fourth quadrant of the political spectrum.

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2 thoughts on “Liberalism

  1. crisbento 24 de May de 2021 / 13:41

    I understood what is liberalism. But what distinguishes the most left libertarians from right libertarians?

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    • Ana Maia 24 de May de 2021 / 13:48

      Left libertarians believe that we need a heavier tax burden to balance inequalities by redistributing income, on the other hand right libertarians think that we need less taxes to develop the country social and economic status by maintaining more money in people’s hand.

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